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For months she was the lone protester outside the gates of Uganda’s Parliament, but this didn’t discourage her. Then more young people responded to her calls on social media to draw attention to the destruction of rainforests in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It seems that Nakate’s courageous climate activism may be getting greater recognition internationally than her home country.

Some Ugandans say she’s a fraud, doing all this for money. They claim what Nakate describes to the international community is all false.

At the sidelines of  the COP26 UN climate summit in Glasgow, Nakate told the crowd that people in her native Uganda were “being erased” by climate change. “People are dying, children are dropping out of school, farms are being destroyed,” she said. “Another world is necessary. Another world is possible.”

These words were not met by the encouragement and support you would expect. “Can she clearly explain how climate change has actually led to increased rate of school dropout. She has a cross to carry as she accepts to be used to manufacture consent,” Ziwa responded in a tweet.