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Superstition and sailors, or in our case, fishermen, are like two sides of a coin. A tour of the shores of Lake Victoria will offer you not only picturesque scenes but a rich culture and traditions that the people have clung to over the years.

Fishermen, much like vehicle owners, have a special attachment to their boats. This is evident in the naming.

On the shores of Koginga Beach in Homa Bay town, most of the wooden boats are docked on sand. Others are anchored in the water.

At the bow of every boat is a name that fishermen use to identify their vessels. On closer examination, you notice that the names are — almost always — of women.There is a belief that a boat should be named after a woman. There are exceptions of course, but those are few and far between. Siprina Nyar Okumu, Beldina Semeji, Obora Mama and Doris Yiengo are some of the names we spot on fishing boats at Koginga Beach.

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