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Conservationists are up in arms over the killing of more than 10 hippos at Lake Ol Bollosat in Nyandarua County in just one week.

The killings are suspected to be part of a conspiracy to wipe out wild animals from the lake, which is a key tourist attraction in the region.

Nyandarua County Commissioner Benson Leparmorijo said five of the animals died in the waters as a result of injuries believed to have been inflicted by residents.

“The five died from wounds inflicted using sharp objects, probably spears,” said Mr Leparmorijo.

The commissioner added that the other five were killed on land and the meat carried away.

Mr Leparmorijo said preliminary investigations revealed the animals killed on land appeared to have been chased, herded into one place and butchered.

“It appears that the animals were killed for their meat. We suspect the meat was transported and sold to unsuspecting people,” said the county commissioner.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Senior Warden Gabriel Kiio said the number of hippos killed could be higher.

He warned people living around the fresh water lake, which is home to more than 800 hippos and more than 300 bird species, against attacking the animals.

Mr Kiio told the Nation that the killers stage a demonstration under whose guise they killed the animals, skinned them and carried away the meat.

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