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Caxias Do Sul — Behind every successful sports team or individual, there stands a dedicated team of background staff who work tirelessly to enable the much-needed focus and success.

Likewise, in Deaf Sports athlete success often depends on the work and support of a group of people who operate from behind the scenes.

Rightly so, Kenya’s spirited 11th overall position at the 24th Summer Deaflympics could hardly escape the attention of sign language interpreters who have not only become family here in Caxius do Sul, but the pillar of success for the exhilarating medal rush.

By and large, athletes who are Deaf are typically surrounded by coaches and officials who can hear on the field and in the locker room but who need the presence of the interpreters to execute their technical duties.

We talked to one of Team Kenya signers in Caxius do Sul on a wide range of issues to establish the impact of their dedicated role for the contingent.

According to Pamela Wango, who was translating for Athletics, the relationship between a Deaf client and the interpreter is very unique.

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