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Africa is a continent full of wonders, some known to man and many yet to be discovered. In celebration of our continent’s beauty and mystique, we will be looking at some of the wonders it has to hold. Welcome to the Mysteries of Africa series where we take a look at Africa’s most mysterious sights and sounds.


Today we will be looking at the eye of Africa. The eye of Africa is a huge rock formation in the Sahara that is visible from space. A lot of mystery still surrounds its origins as The “eye of Africa” was not apparent to humans until the age of space travel. Since it is the Sahara desert, it was not quite familiar to man but is now a familiar landmark for astronauts gazing down on the planet, according to the European Space Agency. 

So what exactly is the eye of Africa also known as the Richat structure, well simply put it is a deeply eroded dome. It spreads 50 km in width. It also has a great resemblance to Atlantis. Yes, I do mean that Atlantis, the fictional island mentioned in Plato’s work. 

There have been many theories on this wonder, some people believe that it was formed by an asteroid crashing into earth, some believing it is the remains of Atlantis while others believe it was a result of volcanic activity. However, this last theory has not been verified as there is a lack of volcanic rock in the dome to support this argument. 

Not a lot is known about this magnificent sight in the Sahara but here are a few facts about it that we can all agree on.

  1. The Richat Structure is an eroded rock formation spread in a circular format, found in the country of Mauritania in Western Sahara, in Africa.
  2. The Richat Structure has a diameter of approximately 48 kilometers (30 miles), and is best viewed from the sky or space.
  3. The Richat Structure is generally blue in color, although its vividness depends on the angle of the photograph or viewing point.
  4. Due to its size and features, the Richat Structure has commonly been used as a reference point from space, by astronauts.
  5. The Richat Structure has the appearance of an eye, hence some of the common names for the formation


Planning on visiting this mystical site, well the good news is that it is you don’t have to go to space, although that is where the best views are. The structure is accessible from Oudane by land rover or sports utility vehicle. There is also a hotel smack in the middle of the Richat Structure so your accommodation is well covered. 100 miles southeast of Richat Structure, it is an immense source of iron ore which is also something for you to see while you are there.