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Hundreds of Ugandan soldiers in armored vehicles crossed the border into the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Wednesday, witnesses said, as part of a joint operation with Kinshasa.

Congo has said special forces from both countries are being deployed to secure bases used by the Islamist-affiliated Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militia.

What’s happening on the ground?

The Ugandan military started its deployments into Congo on Tuesday, having already launched air and artillery strikes against ADF targets from Ugandan territory.

“They are arriving aboard armor-plated cars, with escorts from members of the local security services,” Tony Kitambala, a freelance journalist based in North Kivu province, was cited as saying by the AFP news agency.

Another witness, a resident of the border town of Nobili, reported seeing tanks.

The pre-incursion bombardments were aimed at several ADF positions in North Kivu, as well as in the neighboring Ituri province to the northeast.

The Ugandan armed forces said the raids had successfully hit their targets, with ground operations to follow that would hunt down “terrorists.”

A Congolese military spokesman said “search and control” operations were underway at the bombarded ADF locations.