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African Kings ruled rich vast empires many centuries before any other civilizations and with this came immense power and wealth. Welcome to 2nacheki and in this videos, we present the top 10 Most Powerful African, Kings

10. King Affonso I -Congo
Also know as Mvemba Nzinga and this African ruler reigned over the vast and wealthy congo is popularly known as the son of the manikongo. He reigned from 1506 to 1545.

9 .King Oba Ewuare – Benin
Oba Ewuare is known as the first king of the Benin Empire, the reformer of Benin City and one of the first warrior kings of West Africa. He was known to have established several cultural traditions, communal events and festivals. Under Ewuare, the tradition of the Beninese arts flourished.

8. Osei Kofi Tutu – Ghana
In 1701 Osei Kofi Tutu, chief of the small Akan city-state of Kumasi, helped form the Ashanti Empire by unifying other Akan groups. He did this by influencing the other Akan to overthrow the dominating Akan group, the Denkyera, as well as conquer several other neighboring states.

7. Menes first Pharaoh of Kemet -Egypt
He was The first true pharaoh of Egypt known as Narmer also known as Menes. He united Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt and was the first king of the First Dynasty, the beginning of the Old Kingdom.

6. Taharqa King of Nubia
Taharqa, also known as Tirhaka, was the fourth king of Egypt. Early in his reign, he supported Palestine’s resistance against King Sennacherib of Assyria. He held control over Egypt until he was completely routed after which he fled south to Nubia, where he died and was buried in a large pyramid at Nuri.

5. Sonni Ali – Nigeria
King Soni Ali also known as Sunni Ali Ber, was born in Ali Kolon. Sonni was a brilliant military mind and led the largest imperialist mission in West Africa. He expanded the kingdom by attacking the land and water, down the Niger River. During his reign, the Songhai Empire reached its pinnacle, surpassing the Great Mali Empire and absorbing its territories.

4. King Shamba Bolongongo – Congo
King Shamba Bolongongo was the 93rd king, who introduced weaving and textile manufacture to his people, he was also the first Kuba ruler to have his portrait carved in wood. Shamba Bolongongo’s portrait established a tradition of such portraiture among the Kuba people.

3.Emperor Menelik II – Ethiopia
Emperor Menelik II was one of Ethiopia’s greatest leaders, ruling as King and Emperor of Ethiopia from 1889 to 1913. Through out his reign, he expanded the empire almost to its present-day borders, repelled an Italian invasion in 1896, and carried out a wide-ranging program of modernization.

2.King Shaka Zulu – South Africa
Shaka was a great Zulu king and conqueror.During his reign, he stopped the use of long spears which warriors would throw at the enemy. Instead, he introduced short spears ‘Iklwa’ for close combat. He became so feared and well known even in other tribes and kingdoms that he earned the name ‘Nodumehleli’ which means the one who when
seated causes the earth to rumble.

1 King Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa was the emperor of the Mali Empire during the 14th century. He is regarded as the richest person to have ever lived. Until today His wealth has not been surpassed by any other king. His caravan was said to consist of 60,000 people carrying supplies and bags, 500 servants each carrying a gold staff, and 80 to 100 camels each carrying 300 pounds of gold dust.It is said that He once gave out so much gold in Cairo that the value stayed relatively low for many years.