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TikTok is one of the Most popular Social media Platoms in the Worlds and in this video 2nacheki presents The Top 10 Most Popular TikTok Celecreties in Africa

10. Azziad Nasenya – From Kenya

Azziad Nasenya is a 19-year-old-actress and content creator. Her dancing and charm gives her 14.6k followers.

9. Brinah049- Uganda

Majorly focusing on Ugandan comedy, Brinah brings out humor to her 66k followers.

8. Daisy Oyuga – Kenya

She mixes her content creation plus her make up prowess to come up with hilarious and unforgettable skits giving her over 138 k followers,

7.Fiona Mbegu – Tanzania
She entertains the world with short skits mostly in the Swahili language on the platform earning her more than 140k followers on Tiktok.

6.Jackline-mensag – Ghana

She brings out the best of Ghana and the African continent through humor and with this has a following of 317k.

5. Iamnancyg – Ghana

Her mix of wit and dance has pulled her a loyal following with over 350 k followers.

4. Samskid – Nigeria
His unique yet funny short skits will have our ribs cracking and has got him more than 613 k followers.

3. Witney8 – South Africa
Her dancing and funny skits have gained her over 1 million followers.

2. Troy Shepherds – South Africa
1.1 Million Followers
Troy Shepherds is amongst the most famous South African TikTokers with an impressive following. He creates comedy content, which he shares with his followers on the social platform.

1. Mcshemcomedian – Nigeria
3 Million Followers
The dynamic duo always has you laughing and has pulled a large following with over 3 million followers.