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Africa is a continent full of wonders, some known to man and many yet to be discovered. In celebration of our continent’s beauty and mystique, we will be looking at some of the wonders it has to hold. Welcome to the Mysteries of Africa series where we take a look at Africa’s most mysterious sights and sounds.
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Today we will be looking at Senegal’s pink Lake known as Lake Retba or Lak Rose because of its pink color. Just about an hour away from the capital city, the unusual lake commands attention due to its unusual yet vivid pink color. Its pink color is caused by bacteria that are in the water due to its high salinity. Its salinity is so high it actually compares to that of the Dead sea. The bacteria produces a red pigment in order to absorb the sunlight thus giving it its pink color.
Not many fish can survive in the lake due to its high alkalinity so it serves mainly for salt production. The salt collected is taken to the shore and used for fish preservation. Over 70% of this is exported around West Africa, especially to Cote d’Ivoire.

When visiting the lake, you will be amazed by the contrast of the mountains of salt packed up next to the lake’s shore, the pink color of the lake’s water and the gold sand dunes on the other side of the Lake.
The lake is only 3 kilometers and there are no major towns around it.

Planning on taking a trip there? It is important to know that the bacteria which gives the lake its distinct color is completely harmless to humans and swimming in the lake is possible. Adventurous tourists can swim in the salty lake as long as they rub a generous quantity of shea butter on their skin.
Visiting Senegal without seeing Lac Rose is like going to Rome without seeing the Pope, You don’t want to miss this beautiful experience. The lake is easy to get to and many hotels at the shore offer pick up and transport to the lake. There is no direct connection from Dakar to Lake Retba. However, you can take the bus to Malika then take the drive to Lake Retba. Alternatively, you can take the drive to Lake Retba. BUS OPERATORS

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