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A one-year-campaign geared to restore mangrove forest with one million trees along Tanzania’s coastline has been launched in Dar es Salaam as a part plan to curb effects of climate change in the country.

The project is a part of nearly 5bn/- programme which is being supported by the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF). Other areas of a programme are community empowerment in agriculture, organic agriculture and environment awareness campaigns in schools.

To attain target, 50 Ismaili community student volunteers planted 1,500 mangrove saplings at Mjimwema Mangrove Forest in Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam as Tanzania Shia Ismaili Muslim community celebrated Global Ismaili CIVIC Day on Sunday.

Speaking at the event, Aga Khan Foundation’s Head of Climate Change and Resilient Programme Robert Mganzi said mangrove trees along the coastline have been adversely affected by growing human activities including building settlement and industrialization hence the launched programme.

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