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South Africa has the most Covid-19 cases on the continent, with 861,000 people contracting the virus, 761,000 recoveries and  23,276 deaths as at December 14, 2020. Super spreader events that attracted thousands of teenagers celebrating the end of their school academic career, has plunged the country into the second wave of Covid-19. This after several government warnings against those kinds of events. The impact on health facilities in various provinces, particularly the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal, has seen the provincial governments there calling for a closure of beaches over the festive season. President Cyril Ramaphosa will today once again address the nation on the Covid-19 pandemic – his last address was on December 3, 2020 – to announce what is anticipated to be, more stringent measures to curb the increase in Covid-19 cases, as well as new strategies to slow the pace at which infections are occuring. At this point, there is no indication on whether the lockdown levels will return. Given that many businesses and many of the general public are not adhering to requests to wear masks in public, practice social distancing, sanitize hands or checking temperatures, it will not be surprising if even stricter measures will be announced. The lack of enforcing though remains the issue, and is placing everyone at risk.

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