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South African pharmaceutical, beauty, and health retailer Clicks has come under fire for posting a racist ad made by Multinational Companies TRESemmé and Unilever on their website.

The ad, which featured on the Clicks website, and has since been taken down, brought the wrath of netizens. It referred to white hair as fine and normal and Africa hair as dry, damaged, frizzy, and dull.

Clicks took to Twitter too to issue an apology stating, “We have made a mistake and sincerely apologize for letting you down. We recognize we have a role to play in creating a more diverse and inclusive S.A.” Also, TRESemme – the company responsible for the advert, has apologized, saying they are investigating ’how this happened’.

Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters, who champion radical economic policies in South Africa, called for the closure of all 880 Clicks stores countrywide from September 7 to September 11 in an effort to ‘defend the dignity of Black people’. Here is What Julius Malema had to say about the racist clicks advert…

For decades Natural African hair has come under attack and scrutiny from the west and they have tried to deem in not beautiful through all means like sublininal adversting, in movies and in popculre.