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Sendwave is a mobile app both for Android and iOS that allows you to send money instantly and without paying any fees ever. Use Promo code is CHEKI to GET 5$/5 Euros/5 Pounds in CASH

Currently, you can use Sendwave if you live in (have a bank account and phone number from these countries): US, UK, Italy, Spain and Ireland. Using Sendwave, you can send money to Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Use Promo code is CHEKI to GET 5$/5 Euros/5 Pounds

Our mission is to make sending money as easy and affordable as sending a text. 

Our key talking points:

Why use Sendwave:

  • Convenience: people don’t have to go to shops to send money. They can send from the comfort of their homes with the Sendwave mobile app

  • No Fees: we do not charge any sending fees, and offer great rates

  • Fast and reliable: Sendwave transactions are delivered within a minute (in seconds)

  • Secure: sendwave protections the information users submit is protected with 128-bit encryption from the very time they enter it on their mobile phones.

Another Special announcement from sendwave this month is You can now send money to all major banks in Ghana. That means you can now send to both mobile money and Bank accounts in Ghana