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Essential access routes to Ed Damazin, capital of Sudan’s Blue Nile state, have been cut-off as Torrential rains and resultant flash floods continue to swell the flow of the Blue Nile. The official death toll in this season’s floods has risen to more than 50.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the river flowing through Khor El Melewiya cut off the road linking Wad El Nil with Ed Damazin at dawn on Monday. Traffic has completely halted and run-off waters continue to swell the Blue Nile.

The Civil Defence Department announced that the death toll in the floods thus far has risen to more than 50 people. Police Colonel Fathelaleem Abdelrahman, Director of the Civil Defence Department in Sennar and Rapporteur of the Supreme Committee for Rainy Season Emergencies, said in a press statement that the national road between Sennar and Ed Damazin (which is situated near the Merowe dam) was cut off after the town of Abu Hajjar at Khor El Gaara in two locations. He explained that the Civil Defence is securing the areas and facilitating the transport of stranded member of the public.

The water level of the Blue Nile in Singa rose six centimetres above the level of Saturday, when it reached 16.58 metres on Sunday, as a result of heavy rain in large parts of Sennar state, in addition to torrential rains flowing through Khor El Melewiya and Khor El Gaara. Vehicles were brought to a stop the vicinity of Khor El Gaara, south of Abu Hajjar.

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