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Nairobi — The family of the late freedom fighter Koitalel Arap Samoei has re-kindled their demands to the British government to return the head of their kin.

Samoei’s Grand-Son Ambrose Tarus made the demand on Monday in Koitalel mausoleum in Nandi Hills – a day when Britain’s longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II was buried.

“It is time that the family and the community can enjoy peace,” Tarus said.

Samoei an Orkoiyot or spiritual leader of the Nandi people was decapitated and his head taken to England as a war trophy, according to Nandi elders.

Tarus also demanded that the British government pay Sh150 billion as compensation to the Nandi community for the losses of lives and property.

The family also demanded a public apology from the British government for their atrocities.

Samoei spearheaded fierce opposition to the construction of the so-called “Lunatic Express,” a railway from Kenya’s Indian Ocean port of Mombasa through Nandi in the Rift Valley to Lake Victoria in Uganda.

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