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Gaborone — The Ministry of Basic Education has budgeted a total of P111 million for completion of the school digitisation project.

Giving an update on the ministry’s 2021/22 budget Monday, Minister Fidelis Molao said the project included procurement of computer equipment for 182 junior secondary schools, expansion of Local Area Network for 100 secondary schools and installation of Education Management Information System.

The project would ensure that all schools were equipped with the latest technology and connectivity to enhance teaching and learning outcomes, he said.

Concerning special education facilities, the minister said the approved funds would go towards the completion of the Centre for Severe and Multiple Disability in Maun.

“Upon completion, the facility will provide instructional space and appropriate facilities to cater for learners with profound, severe and multiple disabilities such as those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), deaf-blind and complex behavior problems with a view to improving access to education for this cohort of learners,” he said.

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