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Young Nigerians are backing a petition on calling on the country’s electoral commission to begin voter registration for the 2023 polls. William Minter of AfricaFocus writes that a combination of internal protest, an engaged Nigerian diaspora, and new strategies provide an indication that a new generation is ready to take the lead in pressing for change.

  • Nigeria:
    #EndSARS Activists Turn Attention to 2023 Election

    allAfrica, 23 October 2020

    A leading civil society body organising around the ongoing protests against police brutality has called for supporters to stop sending donations to assist protesters. The Feminist… Read more »

  • Nigeria:
    A New Generation Steps Up

    AfricaFocus, 23 October 2020

    “The protest is for our lives, it’s for our future. We want SARS to end but SARS is just the beginning. They should just wait for us. We’re not quiet anymore.” [This response… Read more »

Protesters at an #EndSARS protest in Lagos.

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