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Finland has been named the world’s happiest country for the fifth year running, in an annual United Nation (UN)-sponsored index that again ranked Afghanistan as the unhappiest, followed closely by Lebanon.

Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania recorded the biggest boosts in wellbeing. The largest falls in the World Happiness table, released on Friday, were Lebanon, Venezuela, and Afghanistan.

This is as Nigeria ranks 118 below 17 countries from Africa with Libya ranking number one in Africa at 86 on the log. The countries include South Africa (91), Gambia (93) Algeria (96), Liberia (97), Congo (99), Morocco (100), Mozambique (101), and Cameroon (102).

Others ahead of Nigeria are Senegal (103), Niger (104), Gabon (106), Guinea (109), Ghana (111), Burkina Faso (113), Benin (115), Comoros (116), and Uganda (117).

Meanwhile, Nigeria at 118 ranked above Kenya (119), Tunisia (120), Mali (123), Namibia (124), Madagascar (128), Egypt (129), and Chad (130).

Lebanon, which is facing an economic meltdown, fell to second from last on the index of 146 nations, just below Zimbabwe.

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