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The mysterious death of 350 elephants in the Okavango delta in Botswana between May and June that baffled the World has finally been solved

The Culprit a Toxin produced by cyanobacteria was found in water and is the killer of more than 300 elephants in Botswana, Botswana officials confirmed this, announcing the result of an investigation into the deaths. Cyanobacteria are microscopic organisms common in water and sometimes found in soil. Not all produce toxins but scientists say toxic ones are occurring more frequently as climate change drives up global temperatures.

Some cyanobacterial blooms can harm people and animals and scientists are concerned about their potential impact as climate change leads to warmer water temperatures, which many cyanobacteria prefer.
Southern Africa’s temperatures are rising at twice the global average, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Africa’s overall elephant population is declining due to poaching but Botswana, home to almost a third of the continent’s elephants, has seen numbers grow to around 130,000.