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Cyclone Chalane is moving west across the Mozambique Channel and is expected to reach Beira tomorrow morning (Wednesday 30 Dec) with winds up to 100 km/h, as the cyclone picks up heat and energy from the warm Mozambique Channel.  It is predicted to continue west into Zimbabwe Wednesday afternoon. The cyclone comes just 9 months after the devastating cyclone Idai. Chalane should be less damaging, but still with strong winds and heavy rain.

Chalane crossed Madagascar Friday and Saturday with “heavy wind and rains, but limited damage,” according to OCHA. The US Navy Cyclone Tracking Centre (CTC) produces the best maps, with predicted course and wind speed, undated twice a day, on  (On the maps, z with the time means London GMT, speeds are in knots with 1 kts  = 1.852 km/h.) An alternative cyclone tracker is MeteoFrance: