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Welcome to 2nacheki and in today’s episode of StartUp Africa, we talk to Ndumbe-Eyoh Fese, commonly known as Fese Eva, a Cameroonian Fashion Designer, Co-founder, and Creative Director of the award-winning international clothing and accessory brand Eloli. You can find Eloli store here:


About Fese:

I am Ndumbe-Eyoh Fese, commonly known as Fese Eva and I am a Cameroon Fashion Designer. I am the  Co founder of and Creative Director of the award-winning international clothing and accessory brand Eloli founded in 2012 alongside my sisters, Dibo and Sume.


Our brand has gained local and international recognition because of our unconventional use of alternative fabrics like leather and perspex ( plexi) which we blend with more classic materials and prints. This has created very fresh and original designs which till date appeal to fashion lovers across the globe. From personalities like the actor, Emmanuel Jal to South African superstar, Bonang Matheba, Eloli is appreciated. This has earned us coverage in publications like British Vogue and The Cut (Canada) to name a few.


Creativity has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember even as a child. I have always loved design in whatever medium; be it drawing or 3D conceptions. Becoming a fashion designer came naturally to me because I see the world through the clothes I make. I am fascinated by how my mind visualises and brings things to live.  


In the early years of my life I thought about Fashion school but ended up self-training with the help and guidance of my mother who once owned a fashion brand. My desire to create clothes was accompanied by the need to improve on the perception we as a whole have of African fashion.  I have always known African Fashion is the future and I want to make a difference; be part of the movement in my own little way. Therefore since 2012 our mission at Eloli has been to create clothes that inspire people to be proudly African; be it by nature or by association.


Being a creative based in Cameroon one has to go the extra mile in order to maintain quality and originality. Locally we do not have substantial variety in terms of fabric and supplies so we must import what we need. With the advent of the global pandemic importing and exporting has become slower and more expensive. That being said because each artistic venture is an endeavour to bring outside what is on the inside to enhance peoples lives, I continue to brace myself against all odds. 


I hope you enjoy your journey through my creative world.