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#Mali’s interim president survives assassination attempt

Two men, one with a knife, attacked Goita Tuesday after prayers at the Great Mosque of Bamako for the Eid al-Adha festival, known as Tabaski, in West Africa.The president’s office said the attack was an assassination attempt, and that Goita was “safe and sound” in the Kati military camp outside the capital, “where security has been reinforced.”The men attacked Goita as an imam was directing worshippers outside the mosque for a ritual animal sacrifice, as part of the holiday.”The attacker was immediately overpowered by security. Investigations are ongoing,” the presidency said.


South Africa

#South African ex-President Zuma’s trial postponed until August

The corruption trial of Jacob Zuma’s will resume on August 10, a South African judge ruled on Tuesday after the ex-president sought to have the case postponed because of the pandemic and recent unrest.Zuma retains a hard-core following within South Africa’s ruling ANC, even though his presidency was tainted by corruption scandals. His lawyers had applied to have the case postponed by up to three weeks because of the unrest and the Covid pandemic to allow time for the trial to resume physically. 

The 79-year-old faces 16 charges of fraud, graft and racketeering related to the 1999 purchase of fighter jets, patrol boats and equipment from five European arms firms when he was deputy president.



#UNESCO Removes DR Congo Park From Endangered List

The Democratic Republic of Congo has scored a key heritage victory as UNESCO removed one of its nature reserves from a list of threatened sites.UNESCO on Monday praised the country’s conservation efforts and the government’s commitment to ban prospecting for oil in Salonga, the vast central African country’s largest public park.Regular monitoring of the wild fauna shows that the bonobo (ape) populations remain stable within the territory despite past pressure, and that the forest elephant population is starting to come back,” the statement said.The Congolese environment ministry welcomed the move.

Salonga is Africa’s largest protected rainforest and home to 40 percent of the Earth’s bonobo apes, along with several other endangered species.It was created in 1970 by then President Mobutu Sese Seko and had been on the endangered list since 1984.


#New Law Aims to Protect Somalia’s Fishing Grounds from Looters

Somalia says its lucrative fishing resources will be completely shielded from looters once a new law comes into force, which it says will provide uniform regulation in all parts of the country. A draft law by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources seeks to bring on board all state agencies at federal government level as well as the agencies in states. This would unify chaotic regulation of fishing grounds for the first time.Somalia has struggled to guard its fishing grounds amid the collapse of state institutions after the fall of Siad Barre’s regime in 1991. The Horn of Africa country has the continent’s longest mainland coastline, estimated to be about 3,300 kilometres long.


#Africa’s UN Security Council members to meet in Kenya for strategy planning

Diplomats from Africa’s three representatives and that of the Caribbean at the UN Security Council gathered in Nairobi Monday for a three-day retreat to work on a common agenda as the continent faces three crucial crises.The diplomats from hosts Kenya, Tunisia, Niger and the Saint Vincent and Grenadines, often known within UN circles as A3 Plus 1, are meeting for a common agenda on peace and security.Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau said in a statement the group is strategising on the “execution of her peace and security mandate at both the UN Security Council and at the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC).”He was referring to the AU’s 15-member body which usually advises on action to be taken when member states face security trouble such as in events of unconstitutional changes in power. The meeting in Nairobi is also being attended by representatives from the Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union to the United Nations, in New York.


#Nigeria Lawyer confirms Nigerian separatist’s arrest in Benin

Nigerian media report Yoruba separatist leader Sunday Adeyemo, known as Sunday Igboho, has been arrested in neighboring Benin as he was about to board a flight to Germany. He is the second Nigerian separatist leader this month to be arrested outside the country.

The arrest comes three weeks after Nigerian security operatives barged into  Igboho’s home, picked up relatives and accomplices, and declared him wanted for stockpiling weapons.

Igboho, who has been campaigning for an independent Yoruba state in southwest Nigeria, went into hiding after the raid.  He made his way to Benin, where security operatives arrested him at the Porto-Novo airport at 2 am on Monday morning.

He is expected to be extradited to Nigeria on Today, according to local media sources.


#Cameroon Muslims Plead for an End to Separatist Crisis

Muslims in Cameroon yesterday  marked the Eid al-Adha, Festival of the Sacrifice, by praying for an end to the country’s separatist conflict, which has killed more than 3,000 people since 2017. Muslim cleric Bouba Goi Goi asked Cameroonians of all religious denominations to educate civilians on the need for stability in the central African state.He asked Muslims who are separatist fighters to  drop their weapons and encourage their peers of other religions to stop fighting.Cameroon estimates that there are at least 2,000 separatist fighters in its English-speaking western regions. The government said the number of fighters who are Muslims is unknown since the rebels hide as civilians.