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Lord Peter Hain has added his voice to calls for the UK to remove South Africa from its Covid-19 red list, telling Prime Minister Boris Johnson the classification has no scientific basis.

“Dear Boris,” Lord Peter Hain begins his letter to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson before eviscerating Britain’s decision to keep South Africa on its list of countries from which citizens cannot enter due to Covid-19.

Britain’s recent decision to keep South Africa on its Covid-19 “red list”, despite intense lobbying from Pretoria and local tourism groups, has caused outrage and been criticised as lacking in scientific basis.

Hain, a member of the UK’s House of Lords who has been vocal in calling for those accused of State Capture to be held accountable, told Johnson, “The UK’s continued red listing of South Africa has no justification whatsoever in science.”

Countries including the US, Germany, France, and the United Arab Emirates are accepting fully vaccinated travellers from South Africa who present a negative Covid-19 test, while the UK has maintained restrictions against South Africans due to the risk of spreading the Beta variant.

“South Africa has only one variant in circulation, which is the same variant as in the UK:…

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