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‘Our heritage is not for sale,’ say Khoisan members as they legally oppose the development of what will house Amazon’s Africa operations headquarters.

‘Divide and conquer” was the slogan associated with colonialism. Post colonialism, the slogan remains true among the Khoisan where two groups of the indigenous community were on opposing sides of a court hearing seeking to interdict the ongoing development in Cape Town by the Liesbeek Leisure Property (LLP) Trust where global retail giant Amazon will house its Africa operations headquarters.

The application for the interdict was brought at the Cape Town High Court by Cullinan and Associates, representing the Goringhaicona Khoi Khoin Indigenous Traditional Council (GKKITC) and the Observatory Civic Association. A separate group of Khoisan people, the First Nations Collective (FNC), supports the development that will house Amazon.

One reason for their support is the “world-class facilities where the First Nations will be empowered”. These facilities include an indigenous garden to grow traditional medicinal plants, an amphitheatre where the group can perform traditional song and dance, and a cultural media centre.

The GKKITC argued that the consultation process for the development which saw the FNC consulted in the lead-up to the development’s approval and the GKKITC…

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