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Last month Hendrik Hinkel and his colleague received a call from a resident of Kicukiro District who had seen the giant rock python in the neighborhood.

Following the call, they moved forward to rescue the serpent from where it was found.

In an interview with The New Times, Henrdrik explained more about the rescued operation and generally the lifestyle of snakes.

“The snake was collected last month and it measured between 4.5 and 5 metres. It was a Central African Rock Python which is the biggest species of snake in Africa. It can grow bigger than 6 metres and at that size it could swallow an adult antelope,” says Hinkel.

“Many people couldn’t believe that there was a python of five meters in Kigali,” Hendrik says. “This really shows that we have so much to learn from these animals since we live near them.”

He continued explaining how these snakes are harmless to people.

“They are not venomous, they kill their prey by constriction, which is when a snake wraps around the animal to stop it from breathing. That means that if it bites you nothing will happen. In Rwandan culture we say that the python is the reincarnation of a king,” he said.

The rock python was later transported eastwards and released into Akagera National Park with the help of Rwanda Development Board (RDB).