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The film was inspired by a Premium Times investigative journalist Tobore Ovuorie who went undercover in 2014 to expose the plight of trafficked women in the country. Her report titled, Inside Nigeria’s Ruthless Human Trafficking Mafia, went viral. It follows the story of a journalist who goes undercover as a sex worker to expose human trafficking in Lagos.

Oloture movie.

  • Six out of 10 people who are trafficked to the West are Nigerians. PREMIUM TIMES investigative reporter, Tobore Ovuorie, was motivated by years of research into the plight of … Read more »

  • Oloture Movie

    EbonyLife Films
    EbonyLife Films
    Publication Date:
    21 September 2020

    Òlòturé is a viscerally depicted, unsettling thriller that tells the story of a young, naïve Nigerian journalist who goes … see more »