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Greece secretly took out more than 1,000 migrants and refugees from a detention centre some of whom are Africans and abandoned them in the open sea.

At least 1,072 migrants were sailed to the edge of Greek water territory on inflatable life rafts and abandoned by Greek authorities. Multiple sources, including academic researchers, the Turkish Coast Guard, and independent watchdogs groups said they found that there were at least 31 different incidents of these expulsions of the Migrants in the past few months.

Sources say that masked Greek officials took migrants including babies from a detention centre on the island of Rhodes while it was dark outside and abandoned them in the open sea. The move to abandon migrants at sea by Greece is illegal under international law and inhumane and is something no civilized Country should even think about doing let alone do.

Of course, the Greek have denied that they’ve done anything illegal. “Greek authorities do not engage in clandestine activities,” said a government spokesman, Stelios Petsas. “Greece has a proven track record when it comes to observing international law, conventions, and protocols. This includes the treatment of refugees and migrants.”

On social media, Africans are reacting harshly to the news with many calling on heavy attention from world leaders to do something about the disturbing incident. Interestingly, similar instances played out in the recently recorded explosion in Lebanon. While many were left stranded in Beirut, it took vigorous attention drawn to some leaders in aiding the safe return of their citizens in other countries.

People are debating the reasons why Greece have carried out this cruel action on these migrants and why there is no global outrage of a European country inhumanely leaving thousands of Migrants and refugees at sea.