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Social media users in Ghana are joining together under the hashtag #FixTheCountry to put pressure on the government. The movement has left cyberspace and taken to the streets.

What is #FixTheCountry?

In May 2021, the hashtag #FixTheCountry and some variations were created on social media by young Ghanaians calling for social and economic reform. The campaign quickly went viral, as thousands joined the protest movement, which also took aim at the government, perceived as having done a bad job.

How did protests leave cyberspace and take to the streets?

The people behind the hashtag — who say they are nonpolitical — called for a street protest on May 9. They were unable to demonstrate, after police obtained an injunction against them, allegedly for safety reasons amid the COVID pandemic.

On July 6, banners with the hashtag were spotted at an anti-government demonstration in Accra which had been called by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC). Members of the movement joined demands for justice for two people shot dead by police in the southern Ashanti region. They had been protesting against the fatal beating of youth activist Ibrahim “Kaaka” Mohammed on June 29.

What’s next?

The first demonstration organized by the group is set to take place on Wednesday, August 4.