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Africa’s policy towards the US: The Biden Era.
Edited by Bob Wekesa. African Centre for the Study of the United States. 2021
Perspectives on wide-ranging Africa-US intersections – order here.

President Joe Biden declares that “America is back” in terms of global standing, but the global economic landscape has changed, and other players are concerned, owing to former President Donald Trump’s “America First” campaign (Voanews, 2021; Washington Post, 2021).

African actors in the international arena, for example, are calling for an Afrocentric policy framework and approach to a wide variety of issues in international relations, including peace and security, conflict resolution, bilateral and multilateral engagements, financial aid and development mechanisms, trade relations, and democracy, highlighting the significance of African agency in the discussion. When it comes to focusing on how Africa should engage the United States (US) under Biden’s administration, the book excels.