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The Ethiopian government has suspended the activities of three foreign humanitarian organisations which have been working in the restive northern Tigray region.

Ethiopia’s Agency for Civil Society Organisations on Wednesday said that it had identified rule violations by the three aid groups namely Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and Maktoume Foundation, while monitoring their activities.

“MSF and the Norwegian Refugee Council have been disseminating misinformation on social media and other platforms outside of the mandate and purpose for which the organisations were permitted to operate,” the agency said in a statement it issued on Wednesday.

It said MSF has illegally imported and used satellite radio communication equipment which was not authorised by the relevant authorities

It added that MSF staff workers who were in possession of the equipment were apprehended by the security forces for using it for illegal purposes.

The agency also accused the three aid organisations of employing foreign nationals for more than six months without the appropriate work permits from the Ethiopian government.

Source: Read the original article on Nation.