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#Rwanda receives 133 more asylum seekers from Libya.

A new batch of 133 asylum seekers from Libya landed in Rwanda early Friday.They will join others who were already in Rwanda, waiting to be relocated to third countries, as previous hold-ups in Libya begin to thaw, they have all been tested for Covid-19 and are awaiting results. Once they are out, the asylum seekers will join others at the transit centre in Bugesera,” a statement from the government stated on Friday.The relocation process of asylum seekers to Rwanda had slowed down since the year began, with the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR) saying that, since April, it has been negotiating clearance of an evacuation flight with Libyan authorities but had not succeeded in getting a permit to evacuate the asylum seekers.Coronavirus related travel complications and strict criteria of resettlement in some countries caused a delay in the entire evaluation and resettlement chain.

Ivory Coast

#Ivory Coast to become regional medicine hub with $300 mln IFC loan.

A World Bank programme to help medical clinics in Ivory Coast procure equipment from General Electric and Philips could spur the west African country to development into a regional medical hub.

A $300 million financing agreement signed on Friday by Ivory Coast and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) aims to remedy that situation by providing credit to clinics hoping to get supplies from Philips and General Electric.

The programme is part of the IFC’s Africa Medical Equipment Facility, which partners with African financial institutions and global medical supply firms to give local currency loans to small- and medium-sized clinics for equipment purchases.

South Africa

#South African authorities probe coastal chemical spill in Durban.

South African authorities in the port city of Durban said on Saturday they were investigating a coastal chemical spill that may have been caused by a warehouse fire during unrest this week.

Other possible sources are also being investigated as the cause of the spill, which is affecting marine and bird life, the eThekwini municipality said late on Friday, urging local residents not to use beaches in the area.Extensive environmental impacts are being reported at uMhlanga and uMdhloti lagoons and beaches in the vicinity, that have killed numerous species of marine and bird life.Authorities in the areas have warned locals against fishing, use or contact of seawater stating that the pollution is serious and can affect one’s health if species are collected and consumed. 


#Eswatini’s King Mswati appoints new prime minister.

Eswatini’s King Mswati III on Friday appointed Cleops Dlamini as the southern African nation’s new prime minister, replacing Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini, who died in December. Dlamini was previously Chief Executive of the Public Service Pension Fund. Mswati made the announcement at a public meeting at one of his residences broadcast online and state radio.The announcement was made following demonstrations demanding the right to democratically elect a prime minister among other reforms in Africa’s only remaining absolute monarchy.In his remarks on the protests, the king called them “satanic” and said they had taken the country backwards.


#Chief Justice Martha Koome Gets Tough As Her Reign Takes Shape.

Two months after Martha Koome was sworn in as the country’s 15th Chief Justice, her court is slowly taking shape. Gloves are now off and a tough talking Koome is slowly emerging, stamping her authority in the corridors of justice.During her inaugural meeting, Justice Koome stressed the need for collaboration by all stakeholders in the justice system, which are independent but also inter-dependent.The meeting discussed the reintroduction of instant fines for traffic offenders, fast-tracking of graft cases, prison de-congestion, review of cases involving children and the establishment of more Small Claims Courts.Before that, Justice Koome, as the President of the Supreme Court, presided over the inaugural session of the country’s top court.She used the occasion to call on advocates to engage with the bench “robustly and skilfully as they can,” but remember the importance of civility.


#Ethiopia warns foreign media over Tigray coverage.

Ethiopia has warned foreign media of stringent measures if they continue to refer to the troops in Tigray region as a defence force.The Ethiopian government labelled the former Tigray governing administration, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, a terrorist group.It says foreign media has continued to allude to a disbanded Tigray regional government – adding that the provisional administration was in charge of the region until elections were held.The warning comes days after the regulator revoked the licence of one of the newspapers in Ethiopia, Addis Standard, over its coverage of the Tigray conflict.