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An African Woman called Masiko is the last Ebola patient in DRC to leave the Ebola treatment center. The African Health Heroes in Beni celebrating & were delighted to share this victory with Masiko.

In a tweet, the WHO congratulated all partners involved in the Ebola response activities. ”We will remain in full response mode for the remainder of the observation period,”

There are currently zero cases of Ebola in DRC after over a year of fighting this outbreak, WHO Regional Director for Africa, the tweet continued

This Ebola outbreak has been going on since August 2018. With more than 2200 lives lost and 3300 confirmed infections.

The patient’s discharge was met with celebration in the northeastern city as residents and health officials welcomed the patient only identified as Masiko back to the community.

A country is only considered Ebola free after 42 days have passed since the last confirmed case tested negative twice for the virus on blood samples. After the 42-day period has elapsed, each country is required to maintain a system of heightened surveillance for a further 90 days.

The country has now gone 13 days without a confirmed case of the deadly virus This amazing feat was achived because of
the heroic African health workers, The WHO and Ebola Vaccines developed by DRC Doctors on the ground.