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Coronavirus Most Afflicted Country the United States issues baseless Covid-19 Alert in Tanzania

Corona Virus Ravaged United States has issued a baseless Health Alert in Tanzania saying hospitals in Dar es Salaam are overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases. They added that hospitals in the main city, Dar es Salaam, were “overwhelmed” and that the chance of contracting the virus was “extremely high”.

The US embassy did not, however, give any evidence to back up its claims. The USA currently has a staggering 1.4M coronavirus cases and around 85,000 Deaths which is about 30% of the global coronavirus deaths. While as of the 29th of April, Tanzania had 509 cases, with only 21 deaths.

The Tanzanian president is among several African leaders who have received the delivery of Anti-COVID-19 herbal medicine from Madagascar which the Country’s president Claimed that it was effective against COVID-19 and Said that the fact that it if From Africa nobody in the West is even taking then seriously or offering to do clinical trials.

Also Last week, President Magufuli revealed that he secretly had animals and fruits samples tested at the national health laboratory in charge of coronavirus and that papaya , a bird, and a goat had returned positive results. Concluding that china was sending then Faulty test kits. He later closed the laboratory and suspended the head.

Tanzania’s president has accused world health officials of exaggerating the crisis in the country and maintains that everything is under control.