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Despite electricity challenges, the government is in talks with four West African countries to sell unused electricity to them through a planned U.S.$570 million Northcore Power Transmission Line. According to Daily Trust, about 2,000 megawatts of electricity is said to be unutilised daily across the Generation Companies (GenCos) in Nigeria and could be exported. “The power we will be selling is the power that is not needed in Nigeria. These generators that are going to supply power to this transmission line are going to generate that power specifically for this project. So it is unutilised power”, said Sule Ahmed Abdulaziz, acting managing director of the Transmission Company of Nigeria.

Nigeria has been plagued by the poor supply of electricity for years and this has impacted negatively on the economy. Besides working toward a reliable supply, the other challenges include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and keeping electricity costs within reach of consumers.