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Burundi has joined the likes of DR Congo & Namibia in demanding Reparations from their Colonizers

Burundi wants Belgium and Germany to pay $43 billion in reparations for harm done during decades of colonial rule over the nickel-producing East African nation. The move follows similar calls for compensation by the Democratic Republic of Congo after Belgian King Philippe in June offered his “deepest regrets” over his nation’s colonial past in the Congo.

Burundi also wants Belgium and Germany to return cultural material and Art stolen between 1899 and 1962. In 2018, the president appointed a panel of politicians historians, and anthropologists to investigate the impact of colonialism in the nation.

Burundi accuses Belgium of fomenting dissent in the country through the divide and conquer system. The European nation has so far agreed to set up a panel to look at Belgium’s colonial history in DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

Burundi’s economy, estimated at $3.1 billion by the African Development Bank, has been struggling since Belgium and the European Union placed it under sanctions. Also, recently Namibia’s President Rejects Germany’s Cheap Reparation Offer for its Colonial Atrocities.