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Join us on Black Mental Health Matters show as we delve into the Connection between Fashion, Art and Kemetic Yoga for Mental Health Our host is Sista Oloruntoyin, A Certified Psychosocial Counselor and an Artist. We are glad to host Tabitha Minott/ Tabatap(Jamaica, Germany) , An Afrikan Centered Fashion Designer, Artist & Kemetic Yoga Teacher Tabitha Minott/Tabatap is a passionate teacher of Kemetic Yoga/Smai Tawi and will share from her experiences and give insight into the ancient African practice of Kemetic Yoga for not just maintaining mental health but also for unity, harmony and spiritual balance. For Tabatap, Fashion Design, Painting and illustration are not only forms for her artistic expression but tools she employs for healing and self-care. This creativity actually improves mental health. Kemetic Yoga/Smai Tawi is a more than 7000 years old spiritual African practice from the Nile valley.