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Black Mental Health Matters: Join us on 24th August on a special episode as Mother recounts how Akron, Ohio Police beat her mentally disabled son. Black Mental Health Matters demands Justice for Kenion La’Vonte Gay a Black Man struggling with mental illness brutalized, tortured, assaulted and humiliated by Akron police without regard for his dignity. Police Brutality against Black people with mental illness has led to injury and death to innocent people who the only thing they needed was care and access to mental health services. Mental illness should not be a death sentence. Being Black with mental illness should not be a license for Police Brutality. On August 4th 2021 at 6.00- 6.05 PM Akron PD Police officers according to footage captured by standby witness tortured Kenion, rammed him down on his stomach with his legs hanging up in the air and as if this was not enough Akron Police Department slammed the door on his legs and ankles 3 times. They also squeezed his penis and balls and publicly embarrassed, tortured and humiliated him as a man before taking him into custody. Kenion is in jail and has been asking for mental health and complaining about head injury pains after officers repeatedly punched him in the head but Akron PD Police won’t let him go to hospital. He paid $20 only for the Dr. to say there is nothing wrong with him and gave him Ibuprofen. Black Mental Health Matters started this petition to champion for #JusticeForKenionLaVonte and at the same time raise awareness on the only several cases of Black people with mental health illness who have been brutalized or killed by Police . Sign the Petition Now and share for Awareness; Click here to sign #BlackMentalHealthMatters #BMHM #MentalHealth #PoliceBrutality #Akron #Ohio