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A year after former president Robert Mugabe’s passing some Zimbabweans get nostalgic about Zimbabwe’s autocratic and longtime ex-leader Robert Mugabe, who died at age 95. Despondent and waiting in a long queue for daily food handouts, Milka Mandimutsa says had Mugabe been still ruling Zimbabwe, “I don’t think life would be like this,” as she waits to receive a portion of cooked beans and white maize meal in the working-class town of Chitungwiz. “Ever since the new president took power, I have not seen anything positive,” said Diana Nhemachena another Zimbabwan bemoaning the high cost of living in the country where official inflation is more than 800 percent. Mugabe died on September 6, 2019, in a Singapore hospital, two years after he was forced to resign in 2017, and after 37 years in power. Zimbabweans thronged the streets celebrating his ouster, then his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa came in to power with promises to fight corruption, revive the moribund economy and reduce poverty.

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