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  • Africa:
    U.S. Election Leaves a Bitter Taste in African Mouths

    DW, 4 November 2020

    Allegations about electoral fraud and other irregularities are normally associated with Africa and so-called Third World countries. So what does that say about the United States,… Read more »

  • Rwanda:
    A Guide to U.S. Elections As Americans Go to the Polls

    New Times, 2 November 2020

    On November 3, Americans across the world head to the polls in an election that pits incumbent President Donald Trump against former Vice President Joe Biden. Read more »

  • Africa:
    Africa from the Washington Perspective – Looking Back, Moving Ahead

    KRL International, 3 November 2020

    With the presidential election taking place today, it is time to reflect on the Trump administration’s Africa policy and consider what’s in store for the next four… Read more »

  • Africa:
    Drop Boxes Tell Tale of U.S. Democracy in 2020

    IPS, 2 November 2020

    It sits stolidly, bolted onto a concrete base outside the Maricopa County Recorder’s office in Phoenix, Arizona. Weighing in at around 600 pounds, it sports “anti-tampering… Read more »

  • Africa:
    Trump’s ‘Foreign Policy’ – Fact-Checking $166 Billion China-Africa Trade Claim

    Africa Check, 3 November 2020

    Claim – Trade between Africa and China has grown rapidly, reaching US$166 billion in 2011.Source: Mail & Guardian newspaper (19 October 2020) Read more »

  • Africa:
    Win or Lose, Trump Is a Danger to Africa

    Premium Times, 29 October 2020

    A U.S. president threatening to impede an orderly transition of power, is a danger not just to his own country but also to politicians elsewhere who might copy his bad example.… Read more »

  • Africa:
    Musings On Elections in Africa On America’s Election Day

    Council on Foreign Relations, 3 November 2020

    Americans assume that free, fair, and credible elections are essential to democracy. They also assume that citizens are free to vote the way they want, and that therefore election… Read more »

  • Nigeria:
    ‘Whatever Happens in America Will Influence The World’

    Vanguard, 2 November 2020

    TOMORROW Tuesday, November 3, millions of American voters will go out to vote. The world’s greatest democracy will decide between two candidates: the incumbent Donald J. Trump for… Read more »

  • Africa:
    US Election 2020 – the Fierce Battle for the Soul of America

    Vanguard, 1 November 2020

    On Tuesday, the American people, in their time-honoured four-yearly ritual, will be going to the polls to choose a new president or extend their employment contract with the… Read more »