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Travel ban from US, Asia and Europe by Africa
With about 34 African countries currently with recorded cases, governments continue to roll out increasingly robust measures to halt the spread and to contain the pandemic which has claimed a number of lives. As the pandemic spreads, countries in the region are increasing vigilance at airports and borders, with restrictions on flights out of Europe in particular.

Medical supplies donated by the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation will be delivered to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, where Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali has agreed to take the lead in overseeing their distribution to other African countries. The foundations also announced plans to provide online training materials to help medical institutions in Africa cope with the pandemic cases. On Monday, he committed to donating 100,000 medical masks, 20,000 test kits and 1,000 protective suits to each of the 54 nations on the African continent.

Meanwhile, the death toll in Africa has reached sixteen according to figures by the BBC. Six each in Algeria and Egypt, Two in Morocco and one each in Sudan and Burkina Faso. Kenyans have turned to prayer, as President Uhuru Kenyatta slated Saturday March 21, 2020 as a “Day of Prayer” as the country turns to God to seek his intercession in the midst of the pandemic.
Nigeria, has banned gatherings of more than 50 people and schools will close from next week, and also stopping flights from any country where there are more than 1,000 infections from Saturday.

Algeria has closed its borders and stopped flights. The president has also banned mass gatherings, which would affect the weekly big anti-government demonstrations. Rwanda, which has 11 patients, is banning passenger flights after Friday for 30 days. Kenya has suspended worship in some churches and mosques. The government also says it will manufacture its own hand sanitizer and distribute it for free, in a bid to tackle shortages
Liberia, which has two recorded cases, has stopped issuing passports to stop people travelling and earlier this week banned entry to those from countries worst affected by the pandemic. Mauritius has banned entry to tourists for two weeks and confirmed its first three cases. Zambia, with two cases, has suspended parliament and schools and university will close after Friday. Somalia, with one case, closed its air space overnight.

Uganda and Botswana, which have no cases so far, will close schools from next week. Chad, with no cases, is suspending all passenger flights and closing some land borders from midnight on Thursday.

Stay safe Africa, keep calm and wash your hands.