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Top African banker Mr. Adesina cleared of corruption after witchhunt by the USA.

The president of the African Development Bank has been cleared of corruption charges after a review by an independent panel. The US, one of the bank’s biggest shareholders, insisted on a new inquiry in April after an internal review cleared Mr. Adesina of any wrongdoing. Apparently the United Sates was not happy with how the African Development Bank head was giving loans to African countries for development and thus sought to remove him unjustly

So-called Whistleblowers had accused the Nigerian of giving contracts to friends and appointing relatives at the bank.

Mr. Adesina is set to be re-elected uncontested for another five-year term in August.

So Why is the USA is targeting the Nigerian banker? The 60-year-old banker, a former minister of agriculture in Nigeria, will be the sole candidate in the election. A charismatic speaker and pan-Africanist Mr. Adesina is using his role as the Banks head to actually help African Countries develop to the dismay of some.

He had denied accusations against him, saying they were “attempts by some to tarnish” his reputation due to his efforts to develop Africa

The panel of three experts was made up of Ireland’s ex-President Mary Robinson, Gambian Chief Justice Hassan Jallow, and Leonard McCarthy, formerly the World Bank’s integrity vice-president.

They backed the findings of the bank’s ethnic’s committee, which cleared Mr. Adesina of all charges alleged by the whistleblowers in January.

“The panel concurs with the committee in its findings in respect of all the allegations against the president and finds that they were properly considered and dismissed by the committee,” their report concluded.

The report is a rebuff to US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, whose rejection of the committee’s original review led to their inquiry.

Besides the core 54 African countries, the US is one of the 27 non-regional members of the AfDB and its second-largest shareholder next to Nigeria

The bank finances projects in agriculture, health, energy, education, transport, and other development sectors in Africa.