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African Countries Announce Travel Bans to Westerners

There is a Swahili proverb that goes
Ajidhaniye amesimama, aangalie asianguke.

Those who think that they are standing should be careful not to fall down.
a saying Said of a person who is alwys very proud.

This proverbs hits the nail on the head as African countries move to restrict Westerners from Traveling to Africa

Uganda has become the latest African country to impose new travel restrictions when it announced that visitors from 16 countries – including 11 European countries and the United States – would be requested to postpone their travel to Uganda.

Similar restrictions have been announced by many other African countries. Last week, Kenya suspended direct flights from Italy to its coastal resort areas, popular among Italian tourists. Zanzibar, the semi-autonomous island region of Tanzania, has imposed a temporary ban on all flights from Italy.

This Might seem like reserved roles beacuse Europe and The United Steses have for dacades been issuing ,travel bans and travel restictions to African Countries. This travel bans have been mostly due to a growing Anti Migrants sentiments agaist African in theri Countries.

Many Africans on social media are calling the current world events as Karma and that Its justified for Westerners in those Countries to be subjugated to the same treatment many African have been Subugated to for decades

Western airlines and airports have fro decades been acused of treating African passengers differently offering second-rate service.

International airports have also been accused of applying a different set of standards, with African travellers alleging they experience extra security checks and have to traipse further through terminals to reach their gates.

Earlier this week, Uganda deported 22 visitors, Europeans who had flown into the country for health reasons.

With US president Donald Trump also imposing a travel ban to europeans many In those countries will get a first hand of what Africans Have been going through.

The health checks in many African countries are much more extensive than witnessed at Canadian and U.S. airports

As African countries gets ready to protect its citizens we may see even more travel ban Towards Europe, The United Ststs and Asia comming from more African Countries.

statement about the migration of millions of Africans to Macedonia is not a benign “pearl” and deserves attention not only because of its absurdity and untruth but more so because of the spread of xenophobia. Dimkov’s speech delivered directly in the Parliament is the most egregious manifestation of chauvinism, ethnic and religious prejudice and racism.