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Rwanda is the biggest mover of change for improving children’s lives in its region and the second-biggest in the world, a new report by Save the Children says.

Rwanda Named 2nd Global 'Biggest Mover of Change for Improving Children's Lives'

Launched Tuesday, March 28, the 2019 Global Childhood Report evaluates 176 countries across the globe on their ability to protect children ‘childhood enders’ – life-changing events like child marriage, early pregnancy, exclusion from education, sickness, malnutrition and violent deaths.

Rwanda reduced under-5 mortality by 79 per cent over 20 years, the report says.

“Many more children are in school and many fewer children are married before age 18, with the out-of-school rate and child marriage rate both down by 60 per cent. Rwanda also cut child labour, adolescent births and child homicides in half since 2000,” the report says.

Sierra Leone made the most dramatic progress globally, registering a 99 per cent reduction in the number of people forcibly displaced from home, with 1 in every 5 people displaced in 2000, compared to 1 in 700 today, the report adds.

Rwanda’s score rose 241 points, from 503 to 744 since 2000 in Save the Children’s “End of Childhood” index which ranks countries according to how well they create a protective environment for children, according to a statement.

The report indicates that “Rwanda has improved on most indicators”, 25 years after the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Philippe Adapoe, Save the Children Rwanda Country Director, said in the statement: “Rwanda has made this great progress due to strong Government leadership that forces accountability and encourages local level authorities to ensure great progress in all sectors including health, education and child