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Cameroonian student in Wuhan who was diagnosed with the Coronavirus 0ther only African National so far to do so) has completed his treatment and he is 100% Cured. The gentleman will now be in observation for 2 weeks.

Egypt Has Just Confirmed it’s First Case of Coronavirus But the Patient is Not African. The patient – who is not from Egypt – did not show any symptoms of being ill. This happened Friday last week where the north

African country confirmed its first case of coronavirus, making it the first known infection in Africa. A joint statement from Egypt’s health and population ministries said the patient was not from Egypt. The patient — who did not show any symptoms of being ill — has been quarantined in a hospital for treatment and monitoring, the statement said.

More than two dozen countries have confirmed cases and several nations have evacuated their citizens from Hubei. But other than Morocco All other African Countries are not Evacuating their citizens. There is a sizeable number of African students studying across China.

Hundreds of such students have been caught in the Wuhan lockdown with many pushing for evacuation from the city. Of the complaints that most students have shared is lack of key supplies such as water, food and surgical masks – which have become a key commodity for people in China and for travelers to and from China.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned the virus poses a “grave threat” to the world.

American Billionaire Bill Gates warned of 10 million deaths if the Virus Spreads to Africa. He was quoted saying in an Event that “Will this get into Africa or not and if so, will those health systems be overwhelmed? “This disease, if it’s in Africa it’s more dramatic than if it’s in China, even though I’m not trying to minimize what’s going on in China in any way. For more visit You can support 2nacheki on Patreon here