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Migrant workers from Kenya are camping in front of the Kenyan consulate of Beirut in a peaceful protest asking to be sent back home and calling out the consulate for its treatment to Kenyan citizens in Beirut.

If you want to know how you can help, go to @thisislebanon961 who started a campaign to send migrant workers back home.

You can also help by visiting and to reach people who are on the ground and helping migrant workers in Lebanon.

Put pressure on the Kenyan government to send in new representatives who can help their citizens rather than abuse them.

Help abolish the Kafala system in Lebanon to stop the suffering of migrant workers in Lebanon.

Abandoned Kenyan Migrant Domestic Workers in Beirut Begging to Return to Africa #KenyaNews #HelpMigrantWorkers #SendThemHome #AbolishKafala #MyAfricaStory

Video courtesy of Lujain Jo
She is a filmmaker, content producer, and activist based in Beirut with a very diverse media experience over the last 10 years.
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