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The might of Africa to contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world remains untapped. Exploited and discriminated against for generations, the people of Africa have been systemically denied their freedom and wealth. As a result, 92 million children in Africa are in child labour today, more than the rest of the world combined. They are working in slavery like conditions to survive through the poverty and instability that they have inherited. One in 5 children in Africa are in child labour.

Raising the alarm on this crisis, Laureates and Leaders for Children comprised of Nobel Laureates, and political, religious and moral leaders from across the word, have come together to speak as one to demand that world leaders take urgent and corrective action.

In the run up to the AU-EU Summit, the Justice for Africa’s Children Statement states that “We, Laureates and Leaders for Children, stand with the children, youth, citizens and leaders of Africa to fight for our shared vision and responsibility to give every child in Africa a free, safe, healthy and educated childhood. It is time for justice for all of Africa’s children. It is time to stand with Africa.” The international community can no longer afford to look the other way as our children suffer.