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African cuisine is known to be rich in flavors and variety, and should you be a food enthusiast, African food festivals are a definite go-to.
Here is the list
5. West African Food Festival – GhanaThe West African Food Festival is an annual food festival held in Ghana every September since 2017. The Festival brings together best chefs from West African countries to prepare food from their homelands and display for public viewing and of course eating. The festival aims at promoting peace and unity through food. Chefs from different participating countries engage in a healthy cooking battle and it is a great time for tourists in Ghana to have a taste of different parts of West Africa.
4. Street Food Festival – South AfricaThe Street Food Festival is a 10-day celebration of the best and cheapest street food in South Africa. The festival, since 2013, has brought together many tourists to enjoy some of South Africa’s street food cooked and ready in no time. Food is served and enjoyed in the indigenous South African style. Attendees get to know the history behind certain meals. Over the years, the festival has expanded to include street food organization pop-ups and screening of South African movies that focus on food as well as great music.
3. Lagos Food FestivalThe Lagos Street Food festival was started to showcase Nigerian cuisine at its finest but has evolved to give room for continental cuisine too. During the Festival, one will be spoilt for choice with the many traditional and street foods available. Well trained chefs show off their skills and interpretation of contemporary Nigerian meals. Western influence is also blended with Nigerian style and the result enjoyed by attendees. People are treated to the best of meals and entertained by quality Nigerian music. The annual event is held during the country’s independence holiday weekend.
2. Nairobi Restaurant Week – KenyaThe Nairobi Restaurant Week is an annual event that takes place at the end of January eating into parts of February. For 10 -12 days every year, food lovers are treated to the best of meals at lower prices. Almost 80 three-star to five-star restaurants participate in the event treating their customers to special menus only available once a year during the festival with unbeatable prices. The festival provides a great time for budget-friendly dinners and events at some of the most expensive restaurants in Kenya. During the festival, guests get to interact with the chefs, cooks and hotel managers and enjoy free or discounted drinks.
1. And the title for the best African food festival goes to African Food Festival – Berlin, GermanyThe African Food Festival was started in Europe by a couple, Juice Owusu and Liane Kobe, with the hopes of taking and exhibiting African culture outside the continent and bringing Africans together. The festival was started in 2014 and has since grown to become one of Europe’s biggest food festivals bringing Africans and Caribbeans together through food. Every year Blacks all over Europe and the world meet in Berlin for the African Food Festival. Chefs and food organisations from Africa make it a point to represent at the Africa Food Festival. The festival provides an opportunity for many to have a feel of Africa through its food as well as give homesick Africans a moment to bond and connect with others.

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