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Eleven Ministers representing the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), who participated in the transitional government before the military junta seized power in a coup d’état on October 25, announced that they have submitted their resignations in writing to Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, disavowing the agreement signed in Khartoum on Sunday with junta leader Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan, stating that the agreement “legitimises and perpetuates the military coup regime”.

On Monday, the Central Council of the FFC – a major driver of the revolution that overthrew the 30-year Al Bashir dictatorship in 2019, and convenor of an ongoing campaign of civil disobedience and mass demonstrations since the coup – issued a statement distancing itself from the agreement with what it described as “the brute junta,” stressing that “there is no negotiation, no partnership, and no legitimacy for the putschists”.

Those who have submitted their resignations are the Minister of Foreign Affairs Maryam El Sadig, Minister of Justice Nasreldin Abdelbari, Minister of Agriculture El Taher Harbi, Minister of Irrigation Yasir Abbas, Minister of Investment El Hadi Ibrahim, Minister of Energy Jadein El Obeid, Minister of Higher Education Intisar Segheroun, Minister of Labour Taysir El Nourani, Minister of Transport Mirghani Mousa, Minister of Health Omar El Najeeb, Minister of Youth and Sports Yousef El Dei, and Minister of Religious Affairs Nasreldin Mofreh.

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